‘That show has ruined my life’: Jeremy Kyle guest speaks out

Exclusive: Dwayne Davison, labelled most hated guest ever, says he has faced sustained abuse

Millions of Britons have watched Dwayne Davisons appearance on the Jeremy Kyle Show. He was labelled the most hated Jeremy Kyle guest ever. He wants them to know he struggled for work and was mocked in the street as a result, and tried to kill himself after sustained public shaming.

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    Its the worst thing that has ever happened in my life, Davison said. They put the spoon in and stirred around my whole life. He said the show was designed to provoke participants into causing offence, footage was edited to portray them in an unflattering light, and any attempt at aftercare by the production team was undone by the way footage was used.

    ITV is facing pressure to cancel the long-running daytime programme after the death of another Kyle guest, 63-year-old Steve Dymond, who failed a lie detector test on the show. MPs say the format of playing out angry family disputes in front of a live audience has run its course. But ITV executives are backing the production team, saying they have taken the show off air in order to protect it.

    Davison, 27, approached the Guardian to describe how the attention he had received as a result of an appearance five years ago, sustained by the shows constant repeats and social media, pushed him to the brink.

    Ive had loads and loads of abuse and in 2018 I decided Id had enough, he said. My girlfriend had some toothache medication, I took a load of it, and I cant remember the rest. A few hours later my girlfriend came upstairs and she called the ambulance.

    Davison said of the show: Theyre good at manipulating. Photograph: Fabio de Paola/The Guardian

    He had stopped breathing but paramedics were able to revive him: At the hospital they said I would have died. I know this is putting responsibility on other places but I 100% put it on that show. That show has ruined my life. Its evil.

    Davison was in his early 20s, unemployed and living in Nottingham when he become involved with the programme in 2014. He was in a relationship with an older woman and was convinced she had cheated on him. Seeing the shows offer of a free lie-detector test to set the record straight, they texted the programme. What blindsided them was the speed with which events took place. A producer rang back and invited them to travel up to the shows filming base in Salford.

    Within an hour there was a taxi at the door, he said. You dont have time to think about it or phone your family. Once youre at the hotel, you feel you have to do the show. My mum begged me not to go on.

    Davison said he was never asked by the shows producers whether he struggled with mental health issues before appearing on the programme, and he signed a contract without being given time to read it.

    He admitted he came across as surly and aggressive on the programme, swearing and doubting the words of his partner, while being accused of shoving a fellow guest and being rude to staff. He said this was a result of being kept in a backstage room largely on his own for most a day before filming began. In his telling, he was provoked by Kyle and the producers. They tell you over and over again when youre backstage that Jeremy hates people who dont talk.

    He said he was advised to wear a tracksuit rather than jeans to fit the desired image. Theyre good at manipulating its almost magic what they do.

    He continued: These are things that people dont understand. Theyre watching thinking Im evil and bad. They dont get to see why Im so riled up. Later he said: I wouldnt want to talk to the person they portrayed on that show.

    After complaining to producers about his treatment, he was invited back on the show the following year. He was begged to return, he said, but he accepted he made the decision freely. I came on to try and redeem myself but he [Kyle] saw I was calm, so he kept trying to prod and poke. Its human bear-baiting and he knows just how to provoke a response.

    Human bear-baiting. Dwayne Davison appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show. Photograph: YouTube

    ITV has always maintained that it provides substantial aftercare to those who appear on the show, a claim backed by the ex-fiancee of Dymond in an interview with the Sun after his death.

    However, Davison said the checks on him were not enough. To get two phone calls doesnt seem like much aftercare.

    He said the real damage has been caused by the shows decision to upload clips of his appearance to YouTube with hyperbolic captions describing him as the rudest and most hated guest ever.

    These have racked up millions of views, creating a constant stream of fresh abuse from people watching his appearances for the first time. Davison said these viral clips undermined the impact of aftercare phone calls from the production team. Its like stabbing someone in the back multiple times and then asking if the person is OK.

    He said he had been let go from jobs after employers found the YouTube clips. They have members of the public coming in all day and it could reflect on them badly if theyre employing the most hated person ever.

    A spokesperson for ITV said the show had duty of care processes in place for contributors pre-, during and post-show, and that prior to the show all contributors underwent a comprehensive wellbeing assessment by mental health professionals.

    Five years after his appearance, Davison is still with the same partner, has a job as a pub security guard, and is seeking medical support from his doctor for depression. He wants ITVs chief executive, Carolyn McCall, and her colleagues to reconsider the impact the show has on guests mental health.

    When are they going to take it seriously? he said. Is it going to take more people to die for them to think maybe we are ruining peoples lives?

    In the UK, Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org. In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is 13 11 14. Other international suicide helplines can be found at www.befrienders.org.

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