Gary Younge: Our understanding of democracy is under threat’

Our editor-at-large on the six US elections hes covered so far, the upheaval in world politics and why many Republicans like him How did you get into journalism? When I was younger, I wanted to be a doctor. Or maybe a revolutionary, but a doctor in my spare time. As I got a bit older, I discovered that I loved words, and I studied translation I wanted to play with language, and was fortunate enough to do so as a student in France and Russia. But I soon realised that I didnt just want to convey the words of other people I had things I wanted to say myself. I was very politically involved, particularly in anti-apartheid, student politics and …

Trump intends to sign border deal to avoid another shutdown

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump intends to sign the border security deal to avoid another partial government shutdown, according to two sources who have spoke directly with the President. Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

What Donald Trump’s giant White House golf simulator says about him

(CNN)Within the last few weeks, President Donald Trump had a room-sized golf simulator installed in his personal quarters at the White House, according to The Washington Post. Presidents have a lot on their minds. And they can’t just duck out to play a quick 18 holes on a whim. If swinging a club in a gold simulator helps them think, more power to them!

Schultz says he’s looking to give back as a ‘public servant’

Washington (CNN)Former coffee mogul Howard Schultz inched closer toward an independent presidential bid on Thursday, delivering a speech in which he said he’s looking to give back as “a public servant.” Schultz ran through a slew of policy areas, generally hitting what he described as the “far left” and “far right” position on each rather than offering his own specific alternatives. He went after both the left and right for their respective positions on immigration and on health care, saying that neither government-run health care or repealing Obamacare qualified as a “viable solution.” “Neither side, extreme left, extreme right, has offered and developed any kind of credible plan to reduce costs by increasing competition or requiring more transparency on prices …