Grandchild Shares Epic List Of All The Crazy Animals Their Grandpa Brought Home To His Wife During 67 Years Of Marriage

Marriage, where you promise to be there through sickness and health, bad times and good and in the case of this married couple – through lots and lots of pets. Many of us have had the surprise animal experience where our significant other brought home the dog you both “agreed” you didn’t have the time to take care of, or maybe it was one of your children bringing home a stray kitten they found that you just couldn’t say no to, well the man in this post has all of those stories beat. Trust us after reading about this menagerie of crazy pets maybe you will realize saying yes to that turtle doesn’t sound so bad after all.

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    Image credits: Katie Cook (not the actual photo)

    Tumblr user gallusrostromegalus, a 28-year-old author, shared a list of the animals their grandpa had brought home over the course of his 67-year marriage, and while the list tells one wild story, it’s still an incomplete list of all the critters they hosted.

    “The marriage only ended because their time on earth did. He never kept an animal Grandma wouldn’t allow and if anything she was worse about it. She was the one who brought home a tarantula.”

    People in the comments agreed his grandpa was a one-of-a-kind animal lover

    And agreed it must have been one exciting home to live in

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