Ariana Grande Admits Touring Is Not Good For Her Health – Perez Hilton

UPDATE! 1:06 P.M. PST: Though she admitted that she “[does not] think” touring is good for her health (see below), Ariana said “having a routine is good for” her PTSD.

When a fan wrote that the singer is “putting herself in a bad position” with her hectic concert schedule, Grande reportedly wrote (and deleted):

“having a routine is good for ptsd. been readin bout it. i would be sad without the shows too… imma be ok. might change the set list a lil.”


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As seen here:

“Imma be ok.” / (c) Ariana Grande/Twitter

Additionally, when another fan said she is “so thankful that [Ariana] is doing any shows at all” — and joked that she “would be happy” if Grande sang her song Bang Bang “on repeat for an hour” — the musician said she is “not going anywhere.”

She reportedly wrote (and deleted):

“oh… HAHAHAHAHAHAH. now that is love. i love u. i’m not going anywhere. and if it gets to a point where i need to, i’ll tell u. i love seeing u and would never trade it for anything. i’m so grateful. this mind of mine just u no. u get it. love u.”

As seen (below):

“I’m not going anywhere.” / (c) Ariana Grande/Twitter


Ariana Grande gets real about life on the road.

On Thursday, days after her highly publicized performance at Coachella, the No Tears Left To Cry singer opened up about how touring has negatively affected her health.

It all started when a fan tweeted, “Music is your therapy and I love seeing it heal you.”


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While most would expect the 25-year-old — who is currently on her Sweetener World Tour — to agree, the musician reportedly compared performing her songs to being in “hell.”

The pop star reportedly wrote and deleted on Twitter:

“making it is healing, performing it is like reliving it all over again and it is hell.”

“It is hell.” / (c) Ariana Grande/Twitter

Additionally, when another admirer asked if touring is good for her health, she reportedly said she doesn’t think it is, explaining:

“i don’t think it is. honestly. it’s been v hard. i have sm on my mind and it’s so heavy and no energy to process or work thru any of it but i’m trying hard. and i have the twins. and seeing u all is so nice. but it’s hard emotionally. i wish it were a year ago. i’d give anything.”

“I’m trying hard.” / (c) Ariana Grande/Twitter

Grande also added that she feels “empty,” and wishes she had “better energy” to give to her fans.

“I just feel empty.” / (c) Ariana Grande/Twitter

However, when another Internet user reportedly said “we wouldn’t be mad if [Ariana] cancelled [her tour],” she reportedly wrote that she “won’t do that.”

Ariana reportedly penned (and deleted):

“i would. i won’t do that. i just am sharing. it’s hard and i’m trying and my soul is confused and tired and i love u.”

“I won’t do that.” / (c) Ariana Grande/Twitter

As we wrote last week, the songstress revealed the “terrifying” levels of PTSD she had after getting a brain scan.

Ariana Grande reveals the level of PTSD she’s suffering with picture of her brain scan. / (c) Ariana Grande/Instagram Story

However, Ariana later clarified that she “didn’t mean to startle anyone”; she simply wanted to encourage fans to “listen to your bodies,” and to “take care of yourselves.” She wrote:

“didn’t mean to startle anyone with my brain thingy. it just blew me away. i found it informative and interesting and wanted to encourage y’all to make sure you check on your brains/listen to your bodies/take care of yourselves too. i love science and seeing the physical reality of what’s going on in there was incredible to me. i mean i feel it all the time, but seeing it is totally different and super cool. someday, when i’m feeling ready or when i’m more healed up, we can talk more about it. i am constantly working on my health/learning how to process pain (aren’t we all). everyday is different but i’m doing my best. jus know i will continue showing up and giving as much of my energy as i can and do my best even tho my brain looks like the world map. (that’s why her hairs so big it’s full of trauma…  k ariana, log off) love u.”

[Image via Ariana Grande/Twitter.]


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